Tyler Hunt: With a proficiency in piano and a background in composition, Tyler pursued various arts before settling on filmmaking. He began his career in theater and has a deep passion for acting. He eventually got behind the camera and fell in love with creating compelling stories through motion pictures. With an M.A. in Cinema-Television from Regent University, Tyler has written, directed, and produced film content for several national organizations and has a drive to pursue what he loves.


Ian Brander: A self taught filmmaker and DP, Ian has traveled the world and even spent a season of his life in Ethiopia working in an orphanage. With a heart for social change and a love for people, Ian combines his craft of creating visual imagery with producing meaningful content that impacts people and provokes conversation. He believes film is one of the most powerful art forms available and is committed to communicating truth to stir people’s hearts and minds.


Kyle Hanchett: Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Kyle’s had an immense enthusiasm for creating motion pictures since age 10.  The hobby of stop-motion animation quickly grew into immense enthusiasm to create stunning visual experiences by whatever means he had access to. Kyle’s careful study and practice of his craft continues to fuel his passion to tell cinematic stories to move and inspire his viewers.

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